TitleMy friend Kiki
Kiki - along with two other red foxes - for some reason seems to like my company. While I never have arrived home to find them napping (or bathing themselves, or rolling in the dirt) in my front yard, nearly every time I'm out working in & around my garage & one or more shows up (which is most days), they end up watching me for a bit, then sitting, then cleaning themselves, then (usually) having some fun rolling around, then curling to take a nap, using their tails as pillows.  I truly do not understand why they tend to do this only when I'm around, though I certainly am not complaining - I've grown quite fond of all three. Maybe they think I'm trustworthy enough to sound an alarm should trouble arise or something.  There have been a few times when they've ventured closer to me than about 15 feet (4.5 m), at which point I've felt it necessary to politely shoo them off. As much as I genuinely would love to pet that beautiful fur, first & foremost, well ... they're wild animals, & as nice as they appear there's no guarantee whatsoever they wouldn't bite my hand off, though probably in the most adorable manner possible. The other main reason I don't want them getting too comfortable getting too close is because, well ... we're kind of wild animals ourselves, & there's no guarantee whatsoever - if they felt comfortable coming right up to humans - that no human wouldn't kick their adorable little skulls in. I just don't want to feel potentially responsible for such a mean & unadorable act.  So I remain content with them using my front yard as something of a safe zone, happily watching & taking waaaaaay too many pictures.
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